Untill recently in my home country Nigeria,when the issue of global warming comes up nobody pay attention.it is regarded as lazy mens topic.Not untill we were ‘blessed with TOO MUCH WATER’ nobody was ready to sacrifics for global warming.
Directly it was called Natural disaster,but indirectly we were the cause,there were signs calling for urgent attention,the smokes were visible but nobody cared,from the middle belt down to the south-south and to the heart of the Niger Delta ,it happened so bad and left us with nothing but tears,broken heart,mourning and sorrows.Spreading from the rich to the poor sweeping communties like sand,rendering people homeless and refuge in their own land,making children orphange,women widows and men widowers.
It had happened and there is nothing anybody can do about it.But the big question is how do we prevent this incident from reoccuring?


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