Not the FIRST, Not the LAST.

Just before she berthed in Nigeria ,her footprints were in Japan,some part of The UK,Bangladesh,Brazil,Sri Lanka and Austriali within just one year,She had caused alot of havoc around the world,single handedly carrying out her plans, visiting urbans,rural and slums, chasing people out of their domain.
In other countries before her arrival there had be announcement in varrious media,people were prepared to face her,while in some cointries she was on unsheduled visit,hitting by surprisethans to their well developed RESPONDS SERVICE the causalities would have been much.
In Nigeria the story can not be said to be the same her visit though announced six months age ,but she took us all by surprise in magnitude,in length and in scope with emergency service overstressed and latter stranded.
Oh what a bad visitor at a bad time for a developing economy like Nigeria,the injuries caused by this visit wound take long time to heal.oh FLOOD.

MAKE THE CLIMATE YOUR FRIEND and do good things to this your ‘FRIEND’.


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