How African Culture Helped Conserved the Environment.

I would never stop mentioning growing-up, this is because its excitement is never exhaustible, one will always continue to reminiscence on it for a very long time. Just like everybody my root traces back to a village, somewhere in Delta state, a serene, greener and one time rural area now turned urban, though the duplication of the environment started many years ago, one can acknowledge that back those days it was better than what we now have .
It was common then to see a large vast of land left uncultivated and unused gradually developing into a forest, kept aside for cultural purpose, those days one is not allowed to build, farm or even urinate on such land as it would be regarded as a taboo to do that. The funniest aspect of these is that nobody expert for the chief priest and the traditional prime minister enters such scared place and usually annually.
Before the 2000s, there exists another area of land which has thick, heavy and gigantic trees just behind the palace of the traditional ruler. It’s held that before enthronement of a new king whether young or old he/she is expected to climb such tree to the top and from there make an announcement, part of the reason for doing these is to check his/her strength, patience and courage at the same time conserving such area of land for traditional purpose.
There also exist known laws than that nobody builds farms or use any parcel of land for whatever purpose without due permission from the traditional institution in the kingdom, this helped checkmate encroachment by straighter from neighboring villages and town.
My father had told me how they would divide a piece of land into two equal half, farm on one side and allow the other side to fallow for like 3years or more depending on family size and other land available and later returning to such land to farm. The purpose of these they say was to give the land time to recover lost nutrient. He likened the land to a woman who just delivered a baby, needing time to recover before conceiving again.
In all of these, it was clear that they were conserving the environment unknown to them. They were certainingly doing those things for different reason, at the
same time maintaining the environment. AND NOW civilization and development has eroded lot and lots of our good past away, leaving us with highly chemical agricultural produce (in the name of fertilizers) with erosion, floods, high temperature and unnecessary high rainfall (just as predicted by NIMET, The Nigerian meteorological Management Board for 2013). Looking back one is tempted to ask if we had a better past or a brighter tomorrow with regards to climate change issues.

MAKE THE CLIMATE YOUR FRIEND and do good things to this your FRIEND.


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